Keep Calm and Carry On Reading


We’ve seen these everywhere: on mugs, coasters, posters, clothes, mobile phones, notebooks, you name it.

We’ve witnessed the revamps, the redesigns, the innovations: some good, some atrocious and some downright stupid. So if you’ve had enough or can’t get enough, I’ve searched high and low to bring you some of the best of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ alternatives out there. Here are the fruits of my labour.

There’s at least one here for everyone. Which one are you?

For Knitting Machines and Bad Joke Jokers

For the Classically Cool and those who abhor Change

For Couch Potatoes and The Obsessively Organised

For Leap Year Hopefuls

For Friends with a Friends episode for every occasion

For Die-hard Brits and ‘Tea Solves All’ Believers

For Fellow Yogis and Yoginis

For Movember Enthusiasts

For Lovers in favour of Public Displays of Affection

For Fabulous Fashionistas

For Relentless Optimists and Rainbow Personalities

For Mean Girls and Chick Flick Collectors

For Extreme Competitors

For Hardcore Partygoers for whom sleep is over rated

For Rebels and Nonconformists

For Skateboard Fanatics and Perfectionists with High Expectations

For Shopaholics and Neat Freaks with a Clutter Phobia

Flash Mob Inspiration for Spontaneous Dancing Souls

For Damsels in Distress and Action Heroes


For Humanity


For Procrastinators and those reliving the University Glory Days


For Food Lovers and Dessert Hounds


For Creative Cats


For Harry Potter Fans and Fairy Godmothers


For Book Lovers

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